As part of Alumni Friends, the UQ Alumni Books Team aim to raise funds from the sale of books in support of UQ students, researchers and educators to promote and further the interests of the University and to foster mutually beneficial relations amongst alumnae and the wider community. The first Biennial Book Fair was held in 1979. The 2019 event was the 21st UQ Alumni Book Fair®). Follow us for more as we plan for the 2021 Book Fair, opening on 30 April 2021. 

So how do we do this?

With an enthusiastic group of volunteers known as The Books Team, they collect and sort books that we receive from donations at The Book Shed or in person at Banksia – Long Pocket. If you have a large collection of books The Books Team can also organise collection.

Once the books are sorted by genre and rarity, The Books Team organise the UQ Alumni Book Fair®, and biennial Rare Book Auction as well as various Pop-Up Sales throughout the year to raise money for The University of Queensland.  This money is used to fund scholarships, bursaries and research grants that help further the education of students.

From L-R, Book Volunteers Patricia Jones, John Martin, Joan Cribb, Gary Lambrides, Alan Cribb and Jean Lowe.

To date, Alumni Friends, has donated the equivalent of over $9m to UQ’s researchers, educators and students. A substantial amount of money, as the result of the dedication of volunteers and generous book donors, has been raised through the sale of books (at the UQ Alumni Book Fair, at the Rare Book Auction, and at pop-up sales)..

This is a mammoth effort for a Team that consists solely of volunteers. While the benefits gained from research and scholarships undertaken at the University will benefit the wider community for generations to come.

The Books Team also perform a significant role in identifying rare and valuable books, some of which are donated to The University of Queensland’s libraries as part of their collections. Collections that are available for viewing and studying by students and the general public. UQ Alumni Friends Books therefore play an invaluable role in collecting and preserving precious works that the wider community can appreciate and learn from.

Honorary Secretary Mrs Juliet O-Brien from Alumni Friends donates Album du Musee De Boulaq on behalf of the Books Team to The University of Queensland Librarian Robert Gerrity, 12 July 2016.

A similar edition of the book sold at Sothebys for 5,000 GBP in 2013. If you would like to know more about this rare piece, please click here.